$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

Shark Tank This Week: Episode 4 Rerun


Did you miss Shark Tank episode 4 two weeks ago? Well you are in luck. There will be an episode 4 rerun tonight (Tuesday) at 8 PM.

Episode 4 Rerun

Kwame Kuadey an entrepreneur originally from Ghana (now living in Maryland) comes to the Shark Tank seeking an investment for an internet business Gift Card Rescue , which is his shot at the American Dream. Other entrepreneurs who hope their business ideas will sharpen the Sharks’ appetites include Paul Watts from northern California who wants to franchise his successful graffiti removal service — but he fights back when the Sharks want to control his business and make him their employee — and Amy Feldman and Allison Costa from Studio City, California who work the Sharks into a frenzy over their lucrative childcare product Coverplay– but a last-minute wrinkle in the offer may blow the entire deal — on “Shark Tank,”

Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 5

Next Tuesday episode 5 will air in the 8 o’clock time slot.

Three of the Sharks go in on a deal together for an innovative internet company, MyTherapyJounal.com, with two brothers from Brazil (Rodolfo and Alexis Saccoman, who now live in Palm Beach, Florida and San Francisco, California, respectively). But just before the deal is sealed, a battle ensues and one of the Sharks is ousted. An eccentric, life-long entrepreneur named Cactus Jack (aka Jack Barringer from Ames, Iowa), who has never had a regular job in his life, comes to the Shark Tank in order to get an investment for his latest fitness device, Body Jac, but he must make a huge, personal sacrifice if he wants to do business on “Shark Tank.”


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