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Where’s Kevin Harrington?


You may have noticed someone missing in my last post. Kevin Harrington, a pioneer of infomercials industry, will not be joining his fellow Sharks for the whole season. He has given his chair to Jeff Foxworthy this week, as they film the second season of Shark Tank in LA. Kevin Harrington is set to return at the end of the month but I am uncertain if this will overlap with Mark Cuban’s appearance in the Shark Tank.

I will update you as more information becomes available.


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  1. Rest assured Shark Tank fans! Kevin is still a shark, there are just more sharks in the tank for Season 2. Kevin just got back from filming in LA and will continue filming at the end of this month.

  2. I bought Kevin’s book and have read it a few times! It is very inspirational. I am leaving it beside my 14 year old son’s bed to see if he absorbs any of the wisdom by osmosis.

  3. Shark is certainly an appropiate name for Kevin Harrington. Along with his former pal Arnold Morris, both conspired to gyp me out of approx a $400,000 commisision after I discovered the “Daily Mixer” Harrington put on TV. which grossed about $50- $60 million.
    I ended up suing Harrington (I have the transcripts) and had to settle for $5000. when he cleverly declared bankruptcy.
    I found Kevin Harrington and Arnold Morris two people to beware of. I felt this needed to be known.

  4. Kevin should be out any ways. He is always the first shark out. He never takes a risk. His favorite line is I’m out!!

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