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Shark Tank Season 3 Casting & Shooting Is Wrapped


It’s official! I had a chance to visit the Shark Tank set recently and the ABC Publicity team confirmed that today was the final day of scheduled shooting for Season 3. Big congrats to all the entrepreneurs and companies that shot segments this summer. Now begins post-production ahead of the Season 3 premiere, which will likely be in December or January.

For all the people that submitted applications, videos and jumped through the various Shark Tank Season 3 casting hoops, this ends a long road of waiting for word. Take heart, and stay tuned for plenty of information on how to take your best shot at making it on Season 4.

Over 9,000 applications were submitted to Shark Tank season 3 casting. Less than 100 segments were filmed. There’s no shame in being part of the former group.

In the meantime our coverage continues, we’ll be live tweeting Friday’s episode and also will be rolling out the new web design and content very soon.


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  1. I am excited about the new season.
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is an official website for Shark Tank. I remember visiting a website, a while ago, that showed biographies of every business that was on the show. I’d really like to find that website. I’ve tried googling “Shark Tank” but I haven’t found the site I am looking for.

  2. I am so glad that Shark Tank is back. The show is great- I love seeing people get to live out their dreams. Plus those that don’t do as well still learn what they need to do next and they get some great advertising by being on the show.

  3. Hi Shark Tank my name is Maria Soto i had already send you my letter
    saying that i have an idea that you would like and that i need your help
    on. well i just got of the hospital and i am righting one more time to see if i can get a respond back from you to see if i can go on your show so that i can
    take you my idea thank you Shark Tank p.s i am a fan of your show.

  4. Hello, Do you know if they will do a Season 4? If so when do you think they will do casting? Thank you for any information. :) Cireeleda

  5. All your threats don’t help me. WHEN will The Shark Tank be on my television? It’s not a great show if I can’t find it. I need to know the chanel, date, and hour for my Seattle TV area

  6. Hello I am a husband and a father of 5 I have been out of work for 8 months now and we are suffering . My dream is that my kids and my wife dont have to live in poverty anymore.I was in the construction feild for 23 yrs. now I have come up with the next million dollar idea but have no way to get it out to the world please call or contact me please help this is a real winner 414 712 2301

  7. Thank you, I was trying to find out if there was a new season. I still don’t know for sure when it’s going to be aired in our area, but at least I know there is a new season! And I just followed you on Twitter, so I know to start looking in Dec/Jan!
    Thank you,
    So much!

  8. I’m ready for Season 4 casting to start. I’m eager to submit an entry. I can’t believe I’m over a month late!!!! I don’t want to wait! Hurry up already!

  9. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Davis on

    Attn Shark Tank Producers:

    My wife and I submitted an application to appear on your show back on Sept. 14,2011. A follow up email was sent on Oct. 7, 2011 to confirm that the information had been received. We are trying to find out your process for potential candidates. No one has responded nor sent a response to our email. Any information that you may be able to furmish regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.


    Russell Davis

  10. I Love looking at Shark Tank, thank you to the group for making dreams come true. I am very passionate about my cartoons and I hope some day my dream will come true and my cartoons will bring a smile to others and at the same time we can help others all over the world.
    Thank you and have a lovely day.

    Kind Regards
    Ingrid Wilson

  11. I think Shark Tank is a great show and one that the whole family can enjoy and learn from. My son and I look forward to Friday evenings to watch the show. Please post a schedule ASAP. Thanks for the education. I will I could get a refund for my college expenses and invest it in an business venture with one of you sharks.

  12. It can’t be a wrap! I told my friends I sent my idea in so it can’t be a wrap. I’m late again. I’ll be seen as a fool again. Optomistic to a fault again. Being positive with everyone for naught again, the BIG DREAMER to my wife again. The idiot to my inlaws and friends again. Oh well, I’ll take my medicine and move on to the next big thing.

    Best Regardless,


    Creator of The Versatile GREEN Barrel. :)

  13. i send you some thing to let shark tank know that i am interested in going to your show with my idea because i need your help in getting my idea started because i only count on a monthly income and with your help my idea can be something you well be interested in would you like to get back to me when you can at maria1miguel1@aol.com thank you.

  14. barbara douglas on

    The show on 2/10/2012 was awful. I thought the show was to help people launch their ideas and products. This was like watching Wall Street, Mortgage companies devour their prey for greed. The man with the patent for keeping the wine fresh was bullied and harassed into taking their offer of $400,000. These sharks are already millionaires or more, WHY OH WHY would you let this happen. I will never buy this product, just knowing what they did. This man had a great idea, they stolid it, shame on you. I loved this show but now I’M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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