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On Set: Gearing Up for Shark Tank Season 4


It’s not every day that I have an opportunity to interview billionaires like Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary — and despite several meetings and interviews over the last couple of years, I’m always struck by how down to earth these Sharks are. Recently during a round of filming for the upcoming Shark Tank season 4, I visited the set of ABC’s Shark Tank and sat down with the Sharks.

We’ll have the full text of these “on set” interviews a little closer to the premiere in mid-September, but here’s one of the first questions that I asked…

What was your reaction to hearing that the show had been renewed for a full 22-episode Shark Tank season 4?

Mark Cuban: “No sleep (laughs). We’re thrilled for the crew and everybody, but all these businesses…they don’t run themselves, they all take time.”

Lori Greiner: “This is a natural extension of what I do, so it’s perfect.”

Barbara Corcoran: “You know what I thought when I got that phone call? Holy ****! And my husband is next to me saying ‘What! Do you know how much more money you’re going to lose?!'”

Kevin O’Leary: “The show realistically was on the bubble until now. And then ABC saw it (the show’s potential), Sony (studio) saw it, it had the tipping point, it owns Friday night. Its becoming the American Idol of venture capital.”

Much more from our interviews with the Sharks will be released in the coming weeks. Suffice it to say, Barbara and Kevin should take their chemistry on the road — they are truly hilarious together.

Speaking of Barbara, one order of business during my set visit was to get a sense of how the show will work now that there are six full-fledged Sharks (Lori Greiner, guest Shark from Season 3, is now a series regular). Mystery solved — there are still five chairs for the Sharks, and it appears that Lori and Barbara will be rotating. I’ve speculated about the two appearing together, which in my opinion (and Barbara’s, according to an article by Sean Daly in the NY Post) would be a lot of fun for viewers. Here’s hoping the producers will give it a try.

With less than 2 months to go until the Shark Tank Season 4 premeiere, we are ramping up coverage of our favorite show and continuing to live tweet each Friday between now and then. Check back often! It’s my pleasure to deliver the best Shark Tank show news, casting updates, interviews and more.

If you have ideas for how we can improve this website, or questions that you’d like for us to ask the Sharks, post them in the comments!


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  1. That’s pretty cool to hear that they are down to earth, I’m sure they are more like dolphins off camera. I recently sent in a submission for this upcoming season for my luxury fragrance company, I really hope that I get a chance to go on there. I would really love to meet those intelligent folks, I admire them.

    Follow my company on Twitter- @luxlifescents

  2. barry kenley on

    I think you should publish some of the outcomes of the deals or non-deals 6 months or a year after. Not every deal made on tv closes and it would be good to see what actually happens during the due diligence process.

  3. I would like to know when are you going to start casting for an audience, I don’t even know where the show is taped. I enjoy the show on Fridays, but interesting in attending the show as an audience member.


  4. Hi LaTonya, there’s no live audience for tapings but I would love to see the show try out a special “live” event sometime in the future. The live tapings are extremely intense and typically last an hour (or longer).


  5. hi andrew,
    just wondering if you know whether they are still notifying people at this point for season 4 consideration ?
    thank you

  6. Hi, yes as far as I know some companies are still getting call backs. Unlikely but never over until filming on Season 4 wraps.

  7. Hey,

    I just recently disovered this site, I love it and the show Shark Tank. If you get the chance to ask the Sharks anymore questions could you ask them if they’ve ever regretted not investing on a company another Shark did after that company did so well with the Shark who did invests help? Or regretted not investing in a company who did really well cause of just the exposure from Shark Tank?

    Keep up the great work on the site.

  8. Add on to my last post:

    If they did on either question, What company/product was it and why?(just to make the questions more interesting)

  9. I got a call from casting and submitted my video around 3 weeks ago – am I still in the running?? I love the show

  10. Hey Mystie, thanks for stopping by InTheSharkTank and the kind comments. I should have a chance to interview the Sharks again this Fall.

    MOJO, though I have no direct knowledge of the casting status of anyone, it stands to reason if you were just asked to do a video then you are still in the running. The next round of filming is going to be in September. Best of luck!


  11. Why does Barbara always wear the same dress? Do they tape these shows back-to-back? They should give them time in between for a wardrobe change.
    LOVE this show!!

  12. Hi Sue, the shows are indeed taped in blocks. I’m wondering if there will be more frequent wardrobe changes next season or not — it’s done this way to help with editing. Each pitch actually lasts between 30-90 minutes and during filming the Sharks see up to 8-10 pitches in a single day.

    Hope this helps!


  13. As an educator I am always looking for ways in which to engage my students’ in thought provoking and innovative ideas and a new way of viewing ordinary things from another perspective. Shark Tank has allowed me to take my students’ to another level of creativity that was unknown to them. I would love to share my ideas with the Shark Tank panel one day.For the aforementioned reasons I am excited that The Shark Tank has been renewed for another season.

  14. Excellent, Diane! It’s great that you’re able to use Shark Tank as an educational tool. Keep up the great work!


  16. Could you please let the Sharks know that Cynthia Hill, founder/owner of Third Day Luxury Soaps is working on her Shark Tank application for Season 5. I’m coming with a concept that will blow thier socks off! Thanks
    Cynthia Hill

  17. Dear Andrew I have submitted my idea the first week of August to the sharktankcasting@yahoo.com n I just read its a different email I submit my invention to, I’m 19 and have been very passionate about making my dream a reality , please respond and let me know where I stand or if I did submit to the wrong email and it was a link I found on ur site with the different email. Jack Mcgunn

  18. Hi Jack, the email you mentioned is the right one. In the article we linked to about Shark Tank’s producers looking for pitches from young entrepreneurs there was indeed another e-mail address for one of the show’s producers.


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