$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

Coat Chex – Ticketless Coat Check System from Shark Tank


Season 4, Episode 1

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People: Derek Pacque
Original Offer to the Sharks: $200,000 for a 10% stake

One of the coolest concepts to appear on Shark Tank, CoatChex represents a simple and new technology that replaces the “old-fashioned” way of checking coats and garments at an event. CoatChex Ticketless Technology attempts to revolutionize an industry with their creative product, which also is an opportunity for fellow entrepreneurs.

Coat Chex, based out of Indianapolis, is focused on bringing innovation and value through today’s technology to an industry that hasn’t been touched in decades. Our patent-pending process optimizes coat check-in and retrieval functions and reduces the risks that are commonly associated with checking coats, making it the hassle-free solution to running a secure, profitable, and efficient coat check station.

Will the Sharks bite — check your coat at the door and stay tuned!

Spoiler Alert:
Wow, what a crazy ending to this pitch. Mark Cuban offers $200K for 33% and Derek turned him down after phoning his partner in the business.

Did CoatChex make a deal on Shark Tank? NO


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  1. He def should have started selling his product before he goes out in the real world. Therefore he can understand the ups and downs of it and THEN present it to an investor.

  2. This kid and his professor are clueless. There’s no issue presenting the idea and trying to get an investor in early out of the gate, but who in their right mind turns down a quarter mil for an idea with zero sales? Let alone the opportunity to partner with Mark Cuban who has the ability and connections to scale the business like crazy.

  3. Google it, other companies they already have these for sale, including a fingerprint scanner, which sounds better that a picture…this kid and professor are clueless and if that’s the type of teachers at that school, give me a break.

  4. I agree with Matt. Clueless. they didn’t research the applications fully. Being in the nightclub industry, I could think of at least six things that have been an issue with our coat check systems, (things I am sure he never even thought about) and what keeps our coat checks going in the summer months. Good idea, bad decision.

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