$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato – Personalized Ice Cream Flavors from Shark Tank


Season 4, Episode 2

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People: Becky App and Abby Jordan
Original Offer to the Sharks: $250,000 for 33% stake

eCreamery, based out of an Omaha ice cream shop, offers a unique gift alternative for just about any occasion — a personalized flavor of ice cream or gelato, shipped to your door. The combinations are nearly endless, and apparently the power of the scoop is exactly what customers are looking for. eCreamery has the classic small business problem that the Sharks love to solve — sales are booming and they’ve outgrown their production capabilities. Simply from that information alone, this seems like a business the Sharks may jump at the chance to invest in.

Started in a corner drugstore in 1997, eCreamery now boasts that only 40% of its business comes from the ice cream shop and the other 60% is from online sales. It’s a testament to the business owners (Becky and Abby), who have clearly done their homework in running their business as well as in readying for an appearance on Shark Tank. They created special personalized flavors for each Shark, including Kevin O’Leary’s Shark Bait (sea salt caramel gelato and chocolate-covered pretzels) and the Cubanero (spicy dark chocolate sorbetto) for Mark Cuban.

Whether the Sharks invest or not, these flavors and more are available now at the shop and online.

So will the Sharks dig in to this product — stay tuned!

Spoiler Alert – Below Video

Did eCreamery make a deal on Shark Tank? NO


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