$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

SurfSET Fitness – Surfing / Surf Board Exercise from Shark Tank


Season 4, Episode 2

SurfSET Fitness website
SurfSET Fitness on Twitter
SurfSET Fitness on Facebook

People: Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn
Original Offer to the Sharks: $150,000 for 10% stake

Seeking to combine fit lifestyle and fun, SurfSET Fitness, a “dry-land” fitness company enters the Shark Tank seeking an investment from the Sharks. SurfSET uses a pivoting balance board (see: surf board) that simulates the instability of waves to work back muscles and the core while also providing an intensive cardio workout. No swimsuit or gear required, which makes this a very cool addition to any gym or fitness club. Similar to one of last Friday’s pitches (BodyWalking), SurfSET offers classes and a certification program. I’ll be interested to see if the Sharks latch on to this business model after sending BodyWalking for, well, a walk.

The company itself has very solid branding on its website, and the press attention the company has received makes me think that SurfSET is just what the Sharks are looking for. Robert Herjavec tries out SurfSET on the show and displays great balance. Was he a surfer in a previous life?

So will the Sharks ride the fitness/surfing wave by investing in this product — stay tuned!

Spoiler Alert – Below the Video

Did SurfSET Fitness make a deal on Shark Tank? YES

The Deal: $300,000 for 33% Stake


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