$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

Robert Herjavec’s New Alliance: Shark Tank


Robert Herjavec of CBC’s Dragon Den will be joining Kevin O’Leary in the Shark Tank.

His parents did not have money, and he tells the story of how his mother, a Croatian immigrant with a poor command of English, once bought a vacuum cleaner from a smooth-talking door-to-door salesman. Or at least she thought she’d bought it, with a sizeable payment. It wasn’t until 12-year-old Robert Herjavec came home from school and read the contract that she realized the payment was part of a lease, to be just one of many. He says he vowed then never to be taken advantage of again.

Robert Herjavec waited tables to put himself through school. After school he saw the opportunity in IT and founded his own company BRAK systems. BRAK systems soon became Canada’s top Internet security provider. In 2000 he sold is company to AT&T for $100 Million. Soon after Robert helped negotiate the sale of another tech company for $225 million. Lately Robert has been heading up The Herjavec Group, which is Canada’s Fastest growing IT Security company.

Take a look at Robert Herjavec rip apart this “interesting” pitch:


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  1. Maybe Mr. Burnett is having a problem getting (sharks) , and might feel that these previous Dragons bring experience, and after all, they are very familar, with what is needed to make this pilot work. Thats just my guess. I would like to see a retail Giant background, and yeah Branson would really be off the chart! I have always wanted to meet that guy. He is a daredevil, and so am I.

  2. As for the video… there is nothing wrong with trying to make real money off of weed, legally.
    The problem is she has no business, she has an idea, and no way to reach the customers.

  3. Howard:
    I wonder if this is a full season they are filming or just a pilot. If its a pilot then it may not matter who the Sharks are, they may just be filling in to see how the show would flow. We have all seen shows where main character are changed.

  4. I dont know Brenden, However Kris Canning who was one of the casting directors told me to not be surprised if I get a call, the first of the year, because the pilot was being shot on the 9-12th of this month. Which leads me to believe that the pilot was all that was filmed at this time. But that is all I have heard.

  5. I was one of the final 3 contestants at the ‘mini’ Dragons Den held in Ottawa last week. (runner up – The Cooler Light needs more sales). Robert was the guest speaker and prime dragon. He said they had just filmed the pilot for the Sharks. No word yet if they are going into regular production

  6. Based on Lindas comments and other things I had read I would guess what was filmed last month is the pilot. Which could become part of the first season or could be dropped depending on how the execs like it.

  7. Last I heard… Kris said the pilot went real well. That was at least 3 weeks ago… Do you guys know anything more?

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