$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

Shark Tank Premieres Sunday August 9th


47001695The Shark Tank premiere on ABC is set for August 9th at 9pm, following the return of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. (Coincidence? I think not!) Shark Tank episodes will continue on Sundays at 9 through August 23, after which it will shift to its regular time period of Tuesdays at 8 starting August 25.

Can you swim in the Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a new reality show where entrepreneurs must try to convince five multi-millionaire business tycoons to part with their own hard-earned cash and give them the funding they need to jumpstart their businesses.

Each week, ambitious entrepreneurs from across the country will present their breakthrough business concepts, products, properties and services to the panel of the ruthless Shark Tank investors. Their goal is to convince these merciless moguls to invest their own dollars in the concept.

Shark Tank premiere to prove captivating

As you’ll see in the Shark Tank premiere, convincing real-life millionaires to part with their own money is no easy task. When the idea is poor, the Sharks will tear into the ill-prepared presenters and pass on the idea with a simple, “I’m out!,” sending them running for the exit. Entrepreneurs will be asked to give up a percentage of their companies’ equity to the Sharks in order to get the investment they need.shark-tank8

Want to be in the Shark Tank?

Shark Tank casting is still ongoing, so if you think you have what it takes to swim with the sharks then email SharkTankCasting@yahoo.com with your name, age, contact info, a recent photo, and a brief, NON-CONFIDENTIAL description of your idea. Tell them In The Shark Tank sent you.

Just one last note, be on the look out for scammers who may be taking advantage of would-be contestants during this casting process. You can never be too careful.


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  1. Just a note to all regarding the upcoming show “Shark Tank”. I hope everyone realizes that this show is not a new idea, and most certainly not a Mark Burnett Idea. Here in Canada we have had a show running for a couple of years already called “The Dragons Den”. It seems to me That once again American Television Studios have run out of good Ideas and have to steal shows from other countries and pass them off as their own.

    Perhaps Mr. Burnett should quit while he is ahead.

  2. Yes I think most people are aware, but CBC bought the rights for Dragon’s Den from Sony which originally aired the show Money Tiger.

  3. James Roberts on

    If “SHARKTANK” is a sucess in Los Angeles, will there be another “casting”in the the near future, or will sharktank, appear in anohter American City?

  4. Sommer Jacobsen on

    Gah!!! I can’t believe that Sharktank is stealing Kevin and Robert from us for this show!!!! They were the “Simon Cowell” of our Dragon’s Den!!! I hope our replacements for them are just as “hungry”… of course I’ll still watch our Dragon’s Den AND this one, but it was bad enough we lost Dragon Laurence Lewin, the founder of La Senza when he died, but to lose both Kevin and Robert…. grrr…. though Brett is an awesome replacement, hopefully we hit it big again with their replacements..

    Oh well, all in all, us Cannucks are lucky, we get to watch BOTH shows… another season doubled of amazing inventions and a LOT of hilarious bad inventions.

    cheers all.

  5. Hello watched your show sunday wow was very excited to see what your show was all about. First let me introduce my self my name John Peck known as Cowboy John , I make John’s Cowboy Jerky in Payson, Arizona . I Have perfected a marinade sauce in 30 years that I have been told it is the best in the world by KMOG 1420 radio station Rockin Ron , and Spanky Sparks. I moved to Payson from Mesa 10 month ago now retired vietnam veteran, I introduced my Jerky to Payson giving out free samples to business and city officals, since then Cowboy Jerky is going crazy I can’t make enough my phone is ringing all the time , people are wanting me jerky their meats , in order for me to continue making this famous sauce for the world to try I will need a good partner . I have an idea on how to put my product on the market not just making jerky but making my famous marinade sauce with spices and directions put in a decor. 3x8x8 tall box and sell to like Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, WalMart, KMART excetra. I would love to send you some samples of my Cow Boy Jerky for you to try. My telephone number is (withheld) my cel. is (withheld) very interested

  6. Bring back The Shark Tank…..it wasn’t given enough time to take hold….it was on then off then on again.

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!

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