$46,275,000 invested by the Sharks to date

InTheSharkTank.com Needs Your Help!


UPDATE 7/14: Help for InTheSharkTank has arrived!

I am excited to see that Shark Tank has been renewed for a 3rd season, unfortunately I may not have the time to continue this blog this season. So I am looking for someone who is willing to help InTheSharkTank.com by run the blog or to buying InTheSharkTank.com outright.
If this sounds like something you might be interested in please email me at inthesharktank@gmail.com thanks.


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  1. We really enjoy your site and hope you can continue on with it. We have made it to the video submission stage of season 3 of Shark Tank and will know by July 8th if we’ll be on season 3.

    Hope you will keep the site going.


    Hail Guardian (www.hailguardian.com)

  2. Hi Alfred, Season 3 will premiere Midseason this Fall, which traditionally means new episodes will start up around December.

  3. @Hail Guardian — We’re moving full steam ahead! It’s going to be an exciting few months before things really ramp up when Season 3 begins airing on ABC. Of course we’ll keep you updated here on via Twitter.

    Best of luck getting onto the show this season and/or in the future

  4. Dear Shark Tank my name is Maria Soto and the reason i am sending this letter. Because on April 15 2010my house got no fire and i lost very thing and with the Shark Tanks help i can get on my feet and be able to invest some money for my health,. i will very thankful if all pf toy can see my idea and hoping that Shark Tank , p.s thank you MariaSoto

  5. last season the sharks were fighting about a broom that has s shovel on it, well
    if I showed them what I have invented they would fighting till one of them taps out or has his arm snapped. It is one of a kind an I have tested out with some companies and they would love to see it but I need someone to invest and help with a patton. I have already had an invention stolen buy showing too many people. I have only shown the final results to people at this time. PLEASE JUST TAKE A LOOK< $$$$$$$$$ It would mean mine and my husbands lives. He went in to a coma 3 years ago and has now recovered and I worry everyday about his heath and working so hard. oh and last year I found out I have a brain tumor. the tumor has not changed so all looks good for now. We just need the right people to talk to and show my invention to.WHAT IS IT? It is a in home floor and counter grout cleaner. I have a solution I use in it but it can be used with any cleaner. What would make us the most money is to team up with a company what sells grout cleaner solution and market them together. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Susie Sawyer. Oh I would love to be on the show but if it is already cast please just get me in touch with the SHARKS I want them to BITE they will love the taste it taste just like MONEY!!! 951-237-9454

  6. I am a inventer, with a patent. I am looking forward to a date for casting in 2012. New ideas and inventions are out here. Hope to know soon on the casting dates and locations. Brilliant show!

  7. Hi, I am Anthony Robinson I am 23 years old. I invented the first multipurpose tool for setting/laying tile. This is going to make a direct impact on the professional and do it yourself market my tool will eliminate 3 of the major steps of performing a professional quality tile job even if you have never set or laid tile in your life. I have had the owner of a tile tool company tell me that they did not want to do business because my tool would make theirs obsolete. If you are interested and would like to invest or know more about this product please contact me personally via email @ ezrobinson21@gmail.com multiple patents pending/Trademark and copyrights.. All rights reserved 2012.

    Best wishes,
    Anthony Robinson

  8. can someone let me know when auditions are running for the fourth season. My invention will open up a new dimension in the worlds second largest hobby.

  9. John McGilligan on

    i need anybody out there that knows someone who knows how to make resistance bands and if anyone could help me and give me anything on how to sell to a store/company

  10. Jilea Hemmings on

    Please post Season 4 casting dates because we have a great way to make meal time easier for busy parents on the go.

  11. Hello Shark Tank
    My name is Linda Hess
    I am in my late 50’s and still spiffy!
    I have over ten inventions that will definitely blow your viewers mind and win the Show

    My number is 707-236-2990

    Linda Jayne Hess

    Please don’t over look me I’ve been waitin my whole life for this opportunity

    Thank you
    your time and consideration is appreciated

  12. Angela Niazi on

    I have an invention and would like to know when is the casting for next season for shark tank.

  13. michael ansaldo on

    hey sharks i invented something that would make bathroom plungers a thing of the past.this invention would also make going to the bathroom a lot less embarassing when you are at a guests house and way less stressfull in your own house……thanks for looking

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