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Mark Cuban on Shark Tank Season 3


We expressed hope in a recent tweet that producers would have billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban on Shark Tank Season 3, and according to OnTheRedCarpet.com, that’s exactly what we’re in store for.

According to the article:

Mark Cuban is set to return to ABC’s critically-acclaimed reality investment show “Shark Tank,” when it returns for its third season in the fall.

Appearing mid-season in this Fall’s TV lineup, ABC’s Shark Tank is set to have Mark Cuban on Shark Tank for at least 10 of the 13 upcoming episodes. We can’t think of a better way to see the show continue its upward climb in the U.S. Kudos to the show’s producers for wrapping up a guy that undoubtedly brings entertainment value (and a defending-NBA championship) into the mix of Sharks.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts about Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. Also, we hope to have an exact date of the Season 3 premier soon!


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  1. Robert H. of Shark Tank says filming for season 3 starts Friday, July 22nd, but I’ve yet to hear any of the 10 video entrants I communicate with say they have been called or see anything on the internet from anyone saying they’ve been called. We are all anxiously and graciously waiting for the call.

    Some have said if you don’t get called in July, you won’t get called at all. Just wondering what they are going to start filming on July 22nd. I have to imagine at least one of the 10 of us will get the call.

  2. I attended the open call in LA. I received a phone call and was told that I was a semi finalist ~ they sent me a contract which I completed and returned, they said I should make myself available between 7/21 and 7/29. I have yet to hear from them and its the 25th….

  3. I’m a little ticked off at a comment that Damon John made in reference to Rob H. on a youtube video recap of a previous episode. He was speaking with a gentleman about how the deal went down with the “Grill Charms” lady. Damon says out of the blue,”the only problem with Robert is nobody knows what he’s done.” and the interviewer chimes in and says”yeah, what has he done?” I’m sorry but I’m a Canadian feeling a little bit defensive right now because I think it was a cheap shot at Canadians, not to mention the fact that Rob H has made over 350 mil on internet companies and hes no where near as cocky as Kevin O’leary is on the show. Anyways, thats my speal. Feel free to object.

  4. I also was called and sent contracts just last week. I had to get my video shot and everything sent in by July 29th deadline. I sent it on Monday and was contacted today to clarify what % of my business Iwas willing to offer on the show. I am not sure if they have started shooting.

  5. Does anyone know if they started shooting? I was told I would need to make myself available for 5 days in Sept. if I am selected.

    Nick Gonzales

  6. @Nick We’ve heard that all finalists will be notified by this Friday, Aug 5th if not before. Shooting indeed will take place in Sept.

  7. Bring Cuban let Kevin Harrington go, he is the worst shark ever, never takes risks or investments out of his confort zone alas TV Shopping Network.

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