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A Note from Brenden and a New InTheSharkTank Owner


Dear Shark Tank Fans,

I’m happy to announce that InTheSharkTank.com is under new ownership, and new posts (not including site announcements) will resume on Wednesday, July 20th. We’re huge fans of the show and the possibility to pitch in and run things here was too good to pass up. A special thank you to Brenden (the site’s founder). InTheSharkTank is a testament to a ton of hard work and long hours put in by Brenden, and we’re honored that he’s passed the torch to us.

Here’s a note from Brenden:

For the past several years I have worked hard to develop InTheSharkTank.com into the #1 fan destination for news on ABC’s Shark Tank. It has been a pleasure to write this blog, and share my passion for entrepreneurship with you.

A while back I decided that I no longer have the time to keep up with all the latest news on Shark Tank, so I began looking for somebody to hand this website over to. I talk to a lot of great people, but I didn’t want to just give this website to somebody who would let it die. I’m pleased to hand this website over to Andrew, who is an entrepreneur with a talent for new media. I have no doubt that InTheSharkTank.com will grow and prosper under his team’s management.

Thanks again for all your continued support over the last several years, please feel free to follow me on twitter @BSherratt, and share your passion for entrepreneurship with me. I wish the sharks, and entrepreneurs (past and present) success.


Brenden Sherratt

Please do follow Brenden on Twitter (we did). Speaking of Twitter, we’re getting to know a few of you there (@SharkTankABC). Please feel free to leave a comment below or a reply via Twitter and let us know what you think about Shark Tank, the website transition or anything else.

We can’t wait to bring you the latest and best coverage of Shark Tank (even this summer’s repeats). Stay tuned!


About Author

Andrew, a Chicago-based web professional and entrepreneur, has owned and operated InTheSharkTank since 2011. Some of his favorite past Shark Tank business pitches include UniKey, Lollacup, Daisy Cakes, and Pork Barrel BBQ. When he's not busy running the website or live-tweeting, Andrew actively pursues disappointment by following the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls. Google+


  1. Brenden will be missed, but this is still a great site. Shark Tank is my favorite show on TV!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    As a Sales Marketer and technical solution selling professional of Corporate 500 products for more than 20 years, I appreciate your site. I would like it to go to the next level. So lets find out how Vinnies Wad is doing …bang or bust… or any of the others items in an shark agreement. Because you never hear of the investment flops and with a little work can preempt the show on any of the product successes from your personal progress report with information gathered and gain additional web sponsership in the process as an more often traveled site destination. I have other Ideals that will make this site more traveled.
    Keep up the good work in helping encouraging others to follow their dreams!

    Let me know if I can be of help.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Great site! Do you or anybody else know when the new season (season3) of shark tank will begin airing?

  4. Sally-
    Have you heard anything at all about if anyone has been accepted or rejected for this next season? I just want to know if anyone has heard anything at all……Thanks for any replies!

  5. Hi Sally,

    No official word other than many applicants were told the cutoff to hear back was last Friday, August 5th.


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