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Meet the Sharks: Lori Greiner on Shark Tank


Lori Greiner on the set of Shark TankThe self-proclaimed Queen of QVC, Lori Grenier made her Shark Tank debut on Shark Tank guest shark for three episodes of season three before joining the cast as a full-time Shark on Shark Tank season 4.

Originally from Chicago, Lori’s expertise is undoubtedly her intimate and unparalleled knowledge of the retail landscape. After earning a communications degree from Loyola University Chicago, Lori’s original plan to enter the professional word as a writer made a 180 after she had the idea for a plastic earring organizer. With a little persuasion and a lot of legwork, Lori was able to turn that one jewelry organizer into a multi-million dollar business venture.

Lori is the founder and owner of For Your Ease Only Inc., a company that sells products ranging from kitchen tools to home organizers, with a particular focus on products that make life easier. Lori has created more than 350 products and holds 110 US and international patents. She sells her products through retailers and QVC, and hosts one of QVC’s longest-running monthly programs, “Clever and Unique Creations,” which first aired in March 2000. Her products have been featured in a variety of magazines including Woman’s Day, InStyle, O Magazine, and Town & Country.

As season three Shark Tank fans likely noticed, Lori’s success on Shark Tank can be attributed to her sharp business instincts and intuitive knowledge of what makes a best-selling product. Because of her highly involved business background, Lori has firsthand knowledge of all facets of the retail world from product inception, to legal protections, to marketing and sales.

During Lori’s first season on Shark Tank she showed a particular passion for female entrepreneurs by funding businesses like NailPak and ShowNo Towels, which were both started by mom entrepreneurs. She also harnessed her TV background to generate big sales for other companies on Shark Tank like ReadeRest, which sold out during its first airing on QVC.


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