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Preview of Shark Tank: (3/30) Wake N’ Bacon Rerun on #SharkTank


Even though tonight’s episode is a repeat, we’re still excited to give you a preview of Shark Tank before the live #SharkTank tweet during the 8/7 CT viewing of the show. Join us! Simply tweet @SharkTankABC or using the #SharkTank hashtag to participate.

Preview of Shark Tank Summary

This episode was aired in Season 2, and features some interesting entrepreneurs such as:

@Toygaroo on Twitter

Wake N’ Bacon
@Wake_N_Bacon on Twitter

@pogostickfun on Twitter

First Defense Nasal Screen
@Filteryourlife on Twitter


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  1. I bought some First Defense Nasal System for my family who all have allergies. Thank you & Awesome Idea!!

  2. I have a patent on an idea and would like to present to the panel. I can not find a casting link to apply? Please advise I have something every woman is going to want it fresh new and innovative Please advise

  3. Alphonzo Starkey on

    How do you know if they are interested in you concept. and do they reply back to you, after you submitt your application, and how long does it take for them to view your application.

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