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Shark Tank Season 4 Casting Calls Announced: Chicago & LA in May


UPDATE: Click here to download the application to the Shark Tank Season 4 casting calls. Be sure to bring your completed application (and your best pitch!).

Attention to all entrepreneurs and Shark Tank fans that are clamoring to appear on the show — details of the two open Shark Tank Season 4 casting calls have just been announced! Details are below:

Location: Embassy Suites – Chicago Lakefront
511 North Columbus Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611
Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn
4222 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Time: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Best advice would be to make your travel plans early! Last season over 10,000 applications to appear on the show were received, and the competition for Shark Tank Season 4 casting is going to be stiff. Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out a variety of content especially dedicated to those who are applying (or planning to apply) to be on Shark Tank.

As always if you have questions about Shark Tank Season 4 casting or the show, please add a comment or reach us via e-mail or follow @SharkTankABC on Twitter. Best of luck to you all.


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Andrew, a Chicago-based web professional and entrepreneur, has owned and operated InTheSharkTank since 2011. Some of his favorite past Shark Tank business pitches include UniKey, Lollacup, Daisy Cakes, and Pork Barrel BBQ. When he's not busy running the website or live-tweeting, Andrew actively pursues disappointment by following the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls. Google+


  1. @Chris We’re waiting to get official word and a good answer for your question.

    @Joseph Thank you! Not sure — last summer there were just 2 open calls.

    Good luck to you both!


  2. And is there any value in going to BOTH? Or is it the same casting people at each event?

    What about timing… can you get there when casting starts, or will you have to camp out the night before (or longer)?

  3. No value in going to both, it’s the same casting team at each location. I don’t know about camping out, though it stands to reason that getting there very early is a good idea so that your pitch is heard.

    Also for anyone curious about applying via e-mail vs. attending a casting call — every single application (from either method) is reviewed and it’s a level playing field for all applicants.

    Any other questions, feel free to ask


  4. So to clarify for @Chris above —

    If you applied via e-mail, you’re good to go! No reason to go to an open casting call if you have applied (or will apply) via e-mail.

    Hope this is helpful!


  5. I also applied via email several weeks ago, but here is my question:

    Is there an advantage to submitting the 20-page Application provided here?
    The info requested in the email app seems insufficient in comparison. Attendees of the casting calls would seem to have a BIG advantage … ?

  6. Hi Beverly,

    It stands to reason that getting in front of the producers in person would have its advantages, but we’ve been assured that every application, whether e-mail or not, is taken into serious consideration by the casting team.

    Excellent question


  7. If you’re selected to move to the next step, yes! We always stress patience, it’s a lengthy casting process. Anyway hope this is helpful!


  8. A new idea was offered on tonight’s programa and dismissed. Some women were selling Tshirts with multi-type bands………….it’s a terrific idea! None of the shark’s agreed! Bad deal.

  9. Charlie Dial on

    1. The nailpolish deal….I think it will sell as a travel item. Girls do a lot of traveling and they cary a lot of junk. Cheerleaders carry junk, female athletes carry a lot of junk. Stewardess carry junk etc etc…..I think you understand my drift. Sell the bottle (pads included) and let all the gals fill it with whatever they are wearing. ( I don’t think that would last.) Sell it to one of the big nail guys, fill it with their paint and let them market it.

    Or…..drop the price point so it becomes a necessity at the same level as panty hose!!! Put one bottle in every purse in America right along with the panythose, maxipads and eye makeup.

    I think its a winner but you have to get it out there as a new necessity, not just another tray of bottles in Department store!!

    Logo it out…..Mr. Cuban will definitely have the assortment with the Mavericks Logo on it for all the Maverick cheerleaders. I think its a great Idea

    2. Lollacup……I agree with the Sharks….pricepoint v. cost. I can certainly appreciate the discussed safety factor. To try and drop the cost while still being able to insure the safety aspect I would go to the top of the bottle manufacturers for milk bottles and get the “straight skinny”. I wasn’t satisfied from there comments that they had done that. There are plenty of manufacturers that might like the work.

    Trimi Tanks…..Girls! I love ya….It just looks like a girl Scout project for your summer uniform.

    Debbie Brooks…..I don’t know anything about handbags other than my grandfather owned a company that manufactured handbag frames in the 1930s. They sold to the majors in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. I think your timing is wrong, At that price point you should have them in Tiffanys. There are many more gals now in these United States than there were in the 1930s so I think your vision of the market is too small. Your ability is apparent. Develop a product to beat Coach.

  10. Hi, I applied via email a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if I should go for the open casting.

    What exactly is an open casting call? Is it just selection or do you also get pitch it to the sharks the same day?


  11. Hi Sid,

    If you applied via e-mail, there’s no need to go to an open casting call — the same producers at the casting call are the ones that review each e-mail application.

    Hope this helps,


  12. I’m wondering why if you applied via email previously there is no confirmation, or reply, or notice that the email was ever opened/reviewed/considered or even seen by a real person… nothing.

    Also, like another post raised a question that the online route simply asks for your name, a picture, and a brief description. I feel like if you can get in front of the producers with a great idea and product and “pitch them” on it you stand a better chance of them having a ‘positive reaction’ to your idea/product~

    Is the emial reviewed by a single person or a group of people? If you pitch the product at open-casting are you in front of a group of producers that can see, hear, feel, touch, and experience the product and not simply read a few sentences on an email….

    I’ve sent the email request in, but feel like if I were to attend an open casting call I would stand a “much better chance” of having a ‘favorable response’ from the producers, and if nothing else I would know for sure that the idea was heard and consdered (but who has the extra cash to blow in this economy)!

    Thanks for your help and the info concerning the casting, greatly appreciated.


  13. I need to know how to apply for the casting call i have my forms do i mail them this is the only way i know how to contact you we live in statesville nc we have a good product and we need the sharks here is my phone number 704-380-2997 leave me a message please if not home thank you for your time

  14. If I moved on to the next step in the casting process, after my email was received, how long is it until I hear back?

  15. Andrew

    I understand that the same teams view the casting calls and email. However, the email submission is a lot shorter then the application and pitch one would give going in person. The email version asks for a short pitch and you don’t get to answer questions that determine your uniqueness or drive in your personality as you do with submitting an application in person.

  16. That’s true. The open casting call applicant is nearly 20 pages in length and is extremely detailed.


  17. Hi Mary,

    “I don’t know” is the best response I have. Some e-mail applicants are beginning to hear back from the sound of things, but I also know that many people that applied after Season 3 began are just having their information reviewed now. There’s no way of predicting a response time, so my best advice is to keep knocking it out of the park in your business and make it impossible for the Shark Tank producers/casting people to pass on your pitch this round or next!


  18. Hi Lisa,

    Last year segments were taped in the summer and the month of September, and this year it seems to me that things are a little ahead of that schedule. My assumption is that filming will happen around August but I’ve not gotten any official word on that. The casting process is something I know the show takes very seriously, and any kind of shooting schedule depends on the success of that process.


  19. Hi JB,

    Yes, a confirmation would be nice, and I think so much of the idea that I’ve brought it up several times in communication with ABC/Sony. However, with the show’s increasing popularity and the huge number of people applying, it’s not surprising that the casting team doesn’t have time to respond to everyone. Every single application is reviewed by this team, and they have a passion for what they do. Hence the great entrepreneurs and pitches that we get to enjoy every Friday.

    As far as the experience of an open casting call, it’d be great if somebody that has been to a Shark Tank casting call can chime in and share their experience. I personally have not been to an open casting call for Shark Tank, so I’d just be guessing. If it were me, I’d be extremely prepared to share what my business is in 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, whatever time I was alotted. The producers are on the lookout for interesting ideas, and also interesting people. I’d also recommend practicing in front of a camera so that you can hone your presentation. Be yourself, be ready to defend your business if/when hard questions are asked.


  20. Thanks for the response Andrew. One more thing, in times past do you know about how many people attended the open calls? Just want to know what my wait might be. Thanks.

  21. Jessica Haynes on

    What about timing… can you get there when casting starts, or will you have to camp out the night before (or longer)?

  22. Hey Andrew,

    My partner in LA was going to go to the casting call in LA but he has to be in NY for a wedding if he sends in our application would it look bad not to show up?


  23. Hi Nathan,

    Sending in the email application (very simple) gets you into the casting pipeline, just like attending an open casting call does. And it’s much simpler — please see the notes on our Shark Tank Casting Information page.

    Best of luck to you and your company!


  24. hi,
    it is now late june and the waiting is hard…..are people still being notified that they will be pitching in season 4 ? Or have they selected and informed all of the finalists by now,
    thanks 🙂

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