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Shark Tank Season 4 Casting: Two Open Casting Call Cities


The title says it all, people. We are very, very excited to announce that the producers/casting people of our favorite show will be hosting open Shark Tank Season 4 casting calls in two U.S. cities this summer. We are awaiting the details from the good people at ABC, but just the fact that open Shark Tank Season 4 casting will happen is a great thing! It answers many of the questions those of you had who e-mailed or contacted us via our twitter account, @SharkTankABC.

As soon as we know more, we will post the information here, on Twitter, and also on our very popular Season 4 Casting Information page. Check back early and often! Now’s the time to build up some frequent flier miles (and maybe some camping gear, too). 🙂

Good luck to all who have applied and plan to attend Shark Tank Season 4 casting!


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  1. Gina Hoensheid on

    I applied to shark tank about 4-5 weeks go and have not heard back. Should I reapply or try to go to the next open casting call?

  2. Hi Gina,

    The casting process takes a very long time and it’s really just getting started. We’ve been assured that if you’ve applied via e-mail, that it’s not necessary to go to an open casting call. I personally wouldn’t expect to hear back until late in the summer. Good luck!


  3. The appliction that is to be taken to the open audition on May 24th in North Hollywood can’t be downloaded. Is it necessary to have this form or can I just go to the audition.

  4. Hi Doug,

    The link to the PDF works fine — I’d highly recommend getting it printed and filled out. It takes quite a bit of time and thought, and the more prepared you are, the better your pitch will be.


  5. What percentage of people were chosen to be on Shark Tank last season from an email vs attending the open casting call?

  6. Hi Zaida,

    It’s unlikely that I’m going to get a timely answer to that question from the casting team, but from all of my conversations with the entrepreneurs that have appeared on the show I know it’s a good mix of both.


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