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Breaking: ABC’s Shark Tank Renewed for a 4th Season


In an expected move, ABC today announced that Shark Tank, the popular Friday series featuring entrepreneurs pitching to investors, will officially return for a full 22 episode fourth season. Previous seasons of Shark Tank contained 15 (Season One), 8 (Season 2), and 15 (current season) episodes, respectively.

News of the Shark Tank renewal was expected next Tuesday, but the early release tonight alongside renewals of ABC mainstays Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor signals a shift in the right direction for Shark Tank. Ratings of the show have regularly won its time slot in the all-important 18-49 demographic this season. One week earlier this season, the show gained an astounding 700,000 new viewers in one week.

Die-hard fans of Shark Tank may not be surprised (I’m not) at this news, but at the same time it’s so great to see the show and the Sharks receive their just desserts for entertaining and educating the masses.

Great news! Thanks for checking out InTheSharkTank — please comment and let us know what you think about Shark Tank returning for a full fourth season!

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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  1. I agree, very exciting news. Shark Tank has a ton of momentum going into Season 4! The Season 3 finale is this coming Friday, May 18, too


  2. Hey Andrew,

    Really dig you’re perspective and style! Very cool and helpful insights.

    My business partner Gail Chester and I will be attending the Los Angeles Open Casting Call on Thursday, May 24th here in L.A. We will be staying the night before at the hotel where the auditions will be held.

    I have a couple of questions for you which I hope you can shed light on as follows-

    At what time will people be allowed to start waiting in line for the auditions?

    What will be the basic process that we will go through in the course of being interviewed?

    What is the basic time frame most will have to make a pitch?

    Will those who are chosen be notified the same day?

    Please share any suggestions that would be helpful to those of us who will be attending.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond, Gail and I look forward to your reply and then doing our thing at the audition on Thursday!

    As we like to say “Lively Up”! 🙂


  3. Hi Michael,

    Great questions. The line will begin forming naturally, I’m guessing sometime early in the morning. The casting team will see everyone, so getting in line early just secures that you’ll be able to pitch earlier.

    I’m not able to reveal much about the process itself — it’s safe to say that you’ll be given an opportunity to pitch your business to a casting person (or persons). The casting team takes it from there.

    As far as helpful suggestions, there are many that have been posted here on InTheSharkTank. Take a sample or prototype version of your product (if you business is product-based). Be able to articulate your business clearly and concisely. You may only have a couple of minutes to pitch, so make it awesome and entertaining. Remember that this is about entertainment as much as it is about funding your business. Be yourself!

    Good luck in LA!


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