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Q&A with “American Dad” Gary Gagnon about REMYXX shoes on Shark Tank


During Shark Tank’s Season Three finale, viewers met Gary Gagnon, an energetic father and shoe designer from Charlotte, NC. Gary pitched his business REMYXX shoes on Shark Tank. REMYXX is a sneaker company that creates a line of 100% recyclable sneakers. With 300 million pairs of sneakers ending up in landfills each year, Gary is passionate about using REMYXX to lessen the carbon footprint of the sneaker industry. After he went on to promote REMYXX shoes on Shark Tank, Gary’s been busy promoting REMYXX through his Kickstarter page, but he took a few minutes to sit down with us and answer some pressing post-Shark Tank questions.

Question: How much did you prepare before going on the show?
Answer: Before the show I worked on my presentation with the help of two lovely assistant producers. They helped me talk it over back and forth—it was a good 3-4 weeks before I presented. My wife was my best sounding board ever. She was a major contributor to help me spruce it up, be vibrant, and get to the point. My kicking during the presentation? That was just natural.

Q: Going into the show, was there a Shark you wanted to make a deal with?
A: We all know Daymond is the fashion guru, and all the other Sharks always look to Daymond for anything fashion- or retail-related. With Daymond, I knew I needed his approval. I knew I needed to either get him on board, or get his approval and sign a deal with another Shark.

Q: How closely does the show portray the Sharks to how they actually are in person?
A: They are exactly what you see on TV. Daymond had a few moments in the season where he reached out to Billy Blanks Jr., and when he reached out to me. That’s all real. All of that was very real.

Mark Cuban, the way that he says “you’re not asking for enough” or “you’re asking for too much.” He mediates a lot [in person], the way he does on TV. He was a good advocate when I was negotiating with Daymond.

Robert was very nice, as he always appears, and Mr. Wonderful (Kevin) can be mean.

The show is all very legit. Everything on TV unfolded exactly as you see it.

Q: So after Mr. Wonderful’s comment about burning your shoes, what do you really think of Kevin?
A: His personality is part of TV, we all know how it is. He’s definitely the ball-buster of the group. I just tried to stay levelheaded, stay relaxed. I just rolled with his comments, and they actually helped me loosen up.

Q: What was the most nerve-wracking part of the whole experience?
A: I was told I’d be presenting for the Sharks on Wednesday, but [other segments]ran long and I got bumped. Sometimes that means you’ll be pushed to the next day, and sometimes that means you just won’t present for the Sharks at all. The producer came to me and said she had good news and bad news. The good news was that I’d get to present, but the bad news was that I had to wait another day to do it. It was a little of a deflater, but I was extremely grateful and totally relieved.

The next day I had to get in the zone all over again. I was scheduled to present last…again. At that point my nerves weren’t for presentation, they were about maybe getting bumped. I just wanted to get in front of the Sharks and I knew this was my last chance. My anxiety level was huge, I was concerned that I wouldn’t get on, but I did.

Q: Was there anything they cut from the show you wish they had aired?
A: There were a few funny moments they cut. If I could remember what I said to Mr. Wonderful [after his comment about burning my shoes], I would tell you, but I had a zinger right back at him. We went back and forth a few times and Daymond said, “I’m likin’ you more and more every time.”

Q: What was your favorite part about being on the show?
A: Actually making it on the show and the episode airing. It was great having it all come to fruition and to know that someone appreciated that I was cool enough to get on Shark Tank. I love the wonderful messages and support from random people, and I’m getting a great response.

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