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Shark Tank Season 4 Casting: An Inside Look


Here at InTheSharkTank, we get questions every single day from hopeful entrepreneurs about the show’s casting process, deadlines, and just about everything related to casting that you can think of. I was thankful to recently interview a source very much “in the know” with the ins and outs of Shark Tank’s casting process, and was able to pass on some of the most common questions that we receive.

Shark Tank open casting call - Chicago

Chicago's Open Casting Call - photo by @fuzzycover

We’re happy to provide this “insider” information to all the Shark Tank fans/viewers out there, and if you have more questions, please comment at the bottom of this post!

Question: How many applicants do you anticipate there might be for Season 4 casting? (We heard over there were around 10K applicants for Season 3). Do you have a rough idea of how many have already applied?
Answer: This season we anticipate just as many Entrepreneurs to apply and even surpass it. Especially now with our 22 episode pick up.

Q: With a 22 episode season just announced, does that change anything about Season 4 casting and your team’s role in finding the right mix of applicants?
A: This doesn’t change anything except for the fact that we need MORE entrepreneurs with great companies, businesses and products. It’s a great benefit for everyone applying.

Link: How to Apply for Shark Tank Season 4

Q: Are there any “cut offs” as far as date for applicants to send in their info via e-mail? Or is there a fixed number of applicants that you’ll accept?
A: With our recent 22 order episode pick up, we will be casting much longer and through the summer. Probably into mid-August and then we will be wrapping things up.

Q: What do you look for in a good application? Is there an obvious (or even unexpected) piece that adds credibility or boosts an applicant’s chances of moving forward?
A: This is a great but tough question. The great thing about our show is we take Entrepreneurs across the board – from prototypes to companies that are making millions of dollars a year – so just make sure to answer each question thoroughly and honestly 🙂

Q: Can you give us a peak into the process for an applicant for Season 4 casting? We’ve heard reports that are kind of all over the board for the last round as far as what applicants can expect.
A: I can’t talk about this – sorry.

Author’s Note: To me this means that the casting process can be very different for each applicant, which we probably should have known already. Thanks to our insider for letting us know that this info is off-limits

Q: Do you have any “favorite” applicants from the current or past seasons that you’ve helped find?
A: I can tell you that I have helped to find tons of companies/entrepreneurs that have appeared on the show…but a few that stand out are Daisy Cakes, Kisstixx, Blondie’s Cookies, CoverLugg etc….

Q: If we didn’t cover it in other questions, or there any other items on your “do” and “don’t” list for applicants?
A: Keep your emails succinct.

Q: We’re very excited about the open Season 4 casting calls that were recently announced. Do you anticipate that any additional cities might get an open casting call this summer?
A: YES! Now that we have the 22 episode pick up – we anticipate 1 more open call. Details soon.

Thanks again to our insider for answering these “burning questions” about Season 4 casting. As soon as we know more about the location of the yet-to-be-announced open casting call, we’ll let you know!

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  1. steve sturgill on

    I applied for casting on the 10th with my startup business idea for an arcade. When can I expect a response besides the auto response that thanks you for applying?

    And was there suppose to be a set subject title when composing and sending the email? I used the subject title “shark tank application:Your next big investment” do you think this will be accepted for a response?

  2. Steve,

    Best of luck to you! I’m sure the casting team will be in touch if they’d like to move forward with your application. As you read in the article, there are many people applying. Any subject title is fine.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Can you apply via email and do the in person casting call? I applied via email but would also like to do the casting call in person, I feel I have a better chance that way. The next casting call is in LA and I don’t want to invest the time and money to get there if I can’t do both. A quick response would be very appreciated.

    Best regards, Tim

  4. hello everyone! i love the show and i am a big fan! i am big john and i am the creator of BIG JOHNS DANCE FITNESS! i am a truck driver and spend many hours on the road and i love to dance! i have lost 100 pounds through dance fitness and driving a truck! i teach my own classes 5 days a week! my people love it! watching tonights show really gives me hope to see a deal go down with billy! what billy is doing is great and i wish him all the luck in the word! BUT take billys story and what he has to offer and times that by 10 fold! now you have BIG JOHNS DANCE FITNESS! I AM THE NAME! I AM THE BRAND! I HAVE WALKED IN YOUR SHOES when it comes to weight loss and struggling with a weight problem! dance fitness works and i am living proof! i am really excited and very hopeful that my turn in the shark tank will be in my future!


  5. Hi Tim,

    The Shark Tank casting team has made it clear to me that you don’t need to do both, as the same team of casting people reviews the e-mails that handles the open casting calls — once you submitted the e-mail application you got into the pipeline for Season 4.


  6. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the quick response, are we notified either way if we’re chosen or not? and how long does it take if your not chosen?

    Thank you,

    Best regards Tim.

  7. One thing I am unclear about…when you apply via email do you just answer their brief questions or do you fill out some sort of application? I heard there was a 17 page app but all I saw was name/age/photo/brief description. I am worried if there was an pp I missed and won’t be considered. Thx.

  8. When you apply via e-mail you just answer the brief questions. There’s a long form application but it’s for casting calls.

    Hope that helps!


  9. Hello,
    I would just like to know what is the longest amount of time that it takes for SharkTank to contact someone who has applied for an audition? Also, is there a possibility that SharkTank may be coming to the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, OH?
    Thank you,

  10. I have applied online for Shark Tank but have the opportunity now to go the Open Call. There doesn’t seem to be a guideline for how to prepare. With the huge number of applicants that are expected to show up am I expected to bring my device in? Do 10,000 people actually line up, pushing, wheeling and carrying in items for the first round of interviews?

    Thanks in advance.


  11. Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by. I highly suggest you read some of the articles here on InTheSharkTank, and stop by the Casting Information page. Here are a few in particular that should be helpful:

    14 Lessons about Raising Money

    Inside Peek at Shark Tank Season 4 Casting

    10,000 applicants doesn’t mean that many at open casting calls — many more people apply via e-mail. There were a few hundred people that attended the open call in Chicago earlier this month. If you’re pitching a product and it’s reasonable, it’d be a good idea to bring it with you to an open casting call so the producer/casting people can see it for themselves

    Hope this helps,


  12. Hi Andrew,

    We received a call from the Shark Tank producer back end of March. We have submitted our application and video. What are the chances of us getting on the show? I hope they pick us because our company is growing so fast and we need help. We are a computer company with huge potential.

  13. Andrew,
    We received a call back in March. Then we didn’t hear anything(or so we thought) until I found 2 emails from a casting director that had been lost in my email. I responded as quickly as I could and we sent our application with video and pics. I haven’t heard anything not even auto response. I don’t know what this means or if I should try to email again. The number that I was given is not a valid number anymore. I hope they are still considering us for show! What do you think Andrew? Any ideas?

  14. Hi Amy,

    I can’t speak directly to your situation but it seems the best thing would be to be patient and maybe try and get in touch with the casting director again at some point down the road. Most importantly, you were able to deliver the application with video/photos.

    If the show is interested in moving forward for this upcoming season I’m sure they’ll reach out!

    Hope this helps,


  15. Hi Joyce,

    I’m not sure what the exact chances of getting on the show are, but if you submitted the video/application as requested, that certainly only helps. Best of luck


  16. I will be attending the open casting call on June 14th in Orlando. I want to show the producers the prototype I’ve installed on my car. Is there any way I can arrange this, or am I limited to showing pictures and video clips??

  17. HI Andrew,

    I was just wondering when the casting directors start making their phone calls to let people know they made it on the show. I tried to contact the producer that originally called us but the phone number rings and rings but no answer:(I am so hopeful and can’t see the casting producers passing up our company. The anticipation is overwhelming. Thanks for you answer in advance:)


  18. HI Andrew,

    Do you know when casting will start calling people to tell them they made it on the show ? The anticipation is overwhelming and I can’t see the producers passing us up. When does filming start?


  19. Is this a dead blog now? I like the show I didn’t get on it But I would still like to talk to Andrew. What can you tell me about the shark tank this season?

  20. Wow, forget you andrew, What’s a matter you can answer couple questions? I’m about to say to hell with the shark tank, you guys (finmaxx) or anyone for that matter better not try to steal my invention that I submitted to your show at the orlando casting call june 14, 2012

  21. I’m sorry joyce, on behalf of andrew’s avoidance of this website, honestly sweetheart don’t hold your breath on the shark tank I think there’s a certain scam factor that I haven’t been able to put my finger on yet… to be continued…

  22. Anthony, I found out that they start filming this week for contestants they picked for round one of filming. I believe there are a few filming sessions. I remain hopeful and positive that wewr willl be called. Our company is doing very well, shark tank would help us get there faster. Maybe Andrew has been busy?

  23. Joyce… I hope you make it.. I am freaking out since we were at the Chicago auditions which were the first. I wonder if we are still in consideration. I wish they would just let us know!!!! What do you think??

  24. Hi Deb,
    I know we didn’t make it. I emailed my casting producer and he informed me of such. He said we can reapply next year and we will. Our company is doing very well so I am okay with it..we were a little disappointed but maybe next year we will get on. Good luck Deb I hope you make it ! Keep me updated.

  25. Mommy inventor on

    Sorry to hear the news Joyce- I think you’re the only one with the casting producers email; otherwise we’d all be doing the same thing, and emailing him. It’s good to hear that your business is doing well regardless- if your product has to do with food/kitchen gadgets, the food network has something similar to helping entrepreneurs.

  26. I have 6 Ideas.. 4 of them are NO BRAIN sellers.. being conservative in this estimation, i propose over 1.5 trillion dollars in gross revenues between the 4 of them, at LEAST.. why i have had an application in and no response for almost 2 months now I will never know..

  27. Hi Garrett, I’m sure your application is great. There are at least 20,000 applicants and only 80 or so slots for the upcoming season, so only a tiny % of applicants hear back after submitting an application. Still the casting process isn’t over, yet. Best of luck to you, and if it doesn’t work out this go round, you can always apply next year

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