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Shark Tank Season 4 News: Filming Is Under Way


Early this morning in Los Angeles, ABC reality series Shark Tank began filming its fourth season. All of the Sharks from Season 3 return, and last season’s guest Shark, Lori Greiner, will appear as a regular. I can’t wait to find out if Barbara Corcoran and Lori will appear together on any of the episodes, which would be great for the show (and for fans). Based on early photos from the set, it appears that only 5 chairs for the Sharks were present for the first day of filming.

Set of Shark Tank just before filming begins on Season 4

The upcoming Shark Tank season 4 will be comprised of 22 episodes and begins airing this Fall, likely starting in September.

We are currently awaiting an update on casting. Obviously the start of Shark Tank season 4 filming signifies that some of the businesses that applied have been notified by the show’s casting and production teams. My personal opinion is that if you’ve heard nothing and applied more than a month ago, it’s likely that the show passed. However, there are rumors that there will be several separate Shark Tank season 4 filming times this summer, so if that’s the case and you are in the middle of the casting process and/or have been assigned a producer, there still is hope.

I probably sound like a broken record to many of you who applied, but please be patient and don’t slow down anything you’re doing for your business while you wait for a response from the show. If Shark Tank season 4 passes on your business idea, in almost all cases you won’t hear anything. I know that might be frustrating, but then again it’s good to understand that there are 10-20K businesses applying, and each one is given consideration.

That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend!


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Andrew, a Chicago-based web professional and entrepreneur, has owned and operated InTheSharkTank since 2011. Some of his favorite past Shark Tank business pitches include UniKey, Lollacup, Daisy Cakes, and Pork Barrel BBQ. When he's not busy running the website or live-tweeting, Andrew actively pursues disappointment by following the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls. Google+


  1. SitcomsOnline on

    There’s gonna be three rounds of filming this time due to a full 22 episodes this season. The “rounds” will be anywhere from 3-10 days in a row. First round is this weekend and Monday!

  2. If we got a call back from a producer a week after we sent in our video. & all they asked was if we filled out an application & if so who did we talk to at the open casting call…is that a good sign??

    do they call everyone if they cant find their application after receiving a video??

  3. @Kayla – Sorry, I have no idea. Hopefully you’ll hear something in the coming weeks/months if Shark Tank wants to move forward!

    @SitcomsOnline – Excellent information, thanks for sharing that!


  4. It’s great that the “TANK” is back in effect! We had a great time at the L.A. open casting call and really enjoyed shooting our video that same day.

    Were were about # 40 in the line that formed the Wednesday prior to the audition. We stayed out ALL NIGHT on the sidewalk talking to the many cool people who came to participate and do their best for a shot to be considered for season Four of the show.

    We heard many stories, and shared experiances with each other that we have all experianced along our own unique journey as entrepanuers.

    We hope that the producers will bring in a wide variety of individual experiances that represent fully the economic and personal realities that many have contended with in the course of creating and nurturing their dreams into the reality of a funtioning, vital and innovative business during the course of the six years of this unbelievable economic meltdown we are as a country still struggling to pull ourselves out of today.

    It is because of people like us that this country is the leading light for people to make a way for themselves. Always believe in yourself, keep focused, take action and be consistant and never give up! PEACE to you all. “Lively Up”! 🙂

  5. Hi Micheal!

    My hubby and I were also there and he slept on the street while I practiced my pitch in the room all night. We ended up making a video and so far nothing…but we still remain hopeful. People don’t just sleep on the street for something they truly didn’t work hard for, so I have to admire everyones drive and passion they have for their product. I guess from here… we wait, but move forward and continue to work hard and never give up! Best of luck to you! XOXO


  6. Hello Cindy,

    Great to hear that you too were able to film that day. It seemed many people got to that point and it was a very good feeling to be able to do so.

    We are fortunate to have our product and to be out in the market place, being on the show just takes the exposure level to hyperspace. So many of us would really gain both on the retail and wholesale side of things from that kind of visability.

    The potential to have access to the resources that the SHARKS represent really elevates the process of getting a solid funtioning, yet young and generally underfunded business to the proverbial “Next Level”.

    We see so many people who have so much emotional content wrapped up into the possiblity of being on the show, many of us with very challenging paths that were and continue to be navigated to be in a position with a start up business during these last 6-7 years of financial turmoil from all across the country.

    It is really a testimony to the spirit of the universal desire to lift ones self up and make a better life for themselves, their loved ones and the community at large who could be potentially employed by the success of their efforts.

    So many great products and ideas and services are being brought to the marketplace this is part of what makes us who we are, creative energy, innovative ideas and a will to achive!

    I wish the best to all who have taken the time, effort, dedication and sacrafices along with believing in what they have created to be fully realized in what they are doing regardless of being chosen to appear on the “TANK” or not.

    There are many people like us who have some really challenging circumstances that would really inspire the viewers of the show if they were forunate enough to be featured on the show. I and my Wife have cried several times while watching the show when a person’s circumstances have been laid bare on national television and is responded to to by the compassion and connection that is made with one of the “SHARKS”.

    Most people have challenges in life, from my observations and my personal belief most will respond with the best that they have to offer when a helping hand is offered to them and respond in kind by passing onwards the blessings a thousand fold.



    “Lively Up!”!

  7. I wish they would split the season into two 13-episode seasons and have a completely new set of Sharks for the 2nd half. I would love to see a combination of Sharks like Magic Johnson, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Robert Kiwosaki, Elon Musk, and others like that. A little younger to maybe get more younger people to talk a look at the show and get as excited as we are.

  8. Hi Andrew,

    I just have to ask… do you know if the people from the LA casting still have a chance? It’s been more than 4 weeks for a lot of us from LA and they keep saying they are still casting, but I’m almost sure it’s because they are just now receiving videos from Florida. I guess we would like to know…if we have been waiting more than 4 weeks do we still have a chance at all or no? I’m fine either way, just hoping for a more solid answer.

    Thanks Andrew, we know you can’t tell us too much right now. Just hoping to relieve a lot of us waiting past the 4 weeks. I think we didn’t make it, yet they still say they are casting…so it still gives us a glimmer of hope.

    Anyway, thanks again! Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

  9. Hi CIndy,

    We auditioned in Chicago which was 2 weeks before LA and we haven’t heard. We did get to the video submission so I am expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Either way, I know we have a kickass business. Good luck !!!

  10. Hi Cindy,

    Hang in there, I know it’s stressful. No idea if everyone from LA or Chicago who is going to be followed up with has been followed up with. With the next season being as large as the previous 2 seasons combined, you never know what could happen.

    It sounds like the show is going to be filming in September in addition to July, so there’s still definitely some time for the casting process to happen over the next month or so, if it needs to.

    Best advice is to keep knocking it out of the park with your business. If it works out, great, and if not you can always ask for more $ from the Sharks next time around if business/sales are going up. That’s the way I look at it.


  11. Great news! Thanks Andrew! We will continue to bust our butts and keep the faith. 🙂 You are such a big help…you deserve a raise! 🙂 All the best!!! And good luck to everyone biting off their nails! XOXO

  12. This mommy has been doing everything to stay busy and distracted… Working, teaching summer school, cleaning, laundry…. Can’t handle the suspense too much longer … WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!
    (checking this page __ times a day!) I know many of you are doing the same 😉

  13. Andrew, thank you for the honest information. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything and the suspense has been killing us over here at Boo Boo Bling.
    We sent in our video before any of the open calls and were told to remain patient. We will continue to grow and hope to see you in the studio in September. Good luck with the filming! Mike and Rita.

  14. We are hoping to hear from the sharks as well. Having been told that the producers really liked our product and asked to send a second video in, we’re biting our nails as well, yet going forward with buisness as usual.

    Wish everybody the best and hopefully we will see all of you on the end of a lens

  15. Andrew thank you for the information. Congrats to those who made it to filming thus far. I too auditioned in LA and made it to the video audition but haven’t heard back. Is there still hope?

    @Wee-N-See, are you located in Hawaii?

  16. @ Sky Dreams – yup;) local girl from Oahu – teacher, mommy, wife , entrepreneur 🙂
    My product is carried at OHANA DAZE (Mililani and Aiea)- soon to be in CVS 😉 BUT I MAKE IT ALL BY MYSELF BY HAND!!!!! That’s why I need help from the Sharks;)

  17. So I guess I’m hearing that if we haven’t heard from them yet, we weren’t chosen. That sucks because our product is amazing and our video was hilarious… I almost deserve an oscar for it. 😉 Best of luck to everyone. Maybe next year???
    Interchangeable Flip Flopz

  18. So, I’ve been hearing that if you haven’t gotten contacted that they pretty much passed – right? Did any of you who filmed receive any additional paperwork besides the 20 page application that you submitted from them to fill out?

    People who went on in season 3 had to fill out a background check paper. Did any of you receive one and not get called?

  19. We filled out the background check. I’m almost thinking it was part of the process for everyone, but not sure. I honestly don’t care if we didn’t make it on the show, but personally shocked that a lot of others I thought would make it…didn’t. Makes NO sense at all. I love Shark Tank and all, but I really felt that last season was a little disappointing. Oh well, things happen for a reason…hope you make it Wee-N-See. You deserve it! Good luck! ~Cindy

  20. Apologies Shark Tank, you know I love you! Good luck season 4 applicants! I know this season will be the best ever! I truly wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true! Reach for those stars and never give up! 🙂

  21. I made it into the Florida video room and also filled out extra paper work ( backround check ) besides the 20 pages everyone else filled out. I have heard nothing from them so far.

  22. Barbara said on Twitter she is still a regular but she hasn’t been in the pictures the sharks have been sharing from filming, and there are only 5 chairs! 🙁

  23. Hi Olivia, believe me, Barbara is a regular this next season. I was on set earlier this week and she was there along with Lori. Both are regulars in Season 4, and no word yet on if they’ll appear together in any of the episodes or not.


  24. Andrew- you read my mind, and posted the perfect thing. Thank you for all your awesome updates =0) This Hawaii Mommy, Wife, Elementary School teacher and Entrepreneur is READY for the SHARKS!

  25. Hi Cindy, casting is still going on for Season 4. It ain’t wrapped until the last day of filming is complete. 🙂 Sounds like that’s in September. Over 24,000 businesses applied for last season and the show has really grown in popularity over the last year. Only roughly 100 businesses will be picked for Season 4, so those odds are pretty incredible for any business.


  26. Thanks for the additional info about how many businesses will be chosen=0)
    I can still remember the open casting in LA so clearly! It just replays over and over –
    tammi, Creator of the Wee-N-See

  27. From my understanding Andrew, at the LA open call Mr. Salyers from casting stated that there are 22 episodes and there are 122 spots. This was stated during the holding room briefing. I am still hoping that Sky Dreams LLC will be one of the lucky 122.
    Good luck everyone and rooting for Wee N See another Mililani hopeful.

  28. Kerry Sander on

    I have an idea for a spin off of the series that potential entrepreurs can make pitches. How would I go about pitching my idea to Mr. Burnett himself?

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