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Shark Tank Season 4 Casting Update: Seeking Young Entrepreneurs!


A few tidbits this week regarding Shark Tank season 4 casting…first off, Shark Tank season 4 casting is still in motion and has not yet been completed. There is still time to apply or potentially to hear back if you’ve already submitted an application via e-mail or at an open casting call earlier this summer. That’s great news for entrepreneurs that have been wondering if Shark Tank season 4 casting was completed.

Learn all about how to apply to appear on Shark Tank Season 4

Secondly, according to a recent article on Entrepreneur.com, Shark Tank season 4 casting is focusing on recruiting young entrepreneurs age 11-19 for the upcoming round of filming in September.

From the aforementioned article:

To apply to be on Shark Tank, send an email to (David) Polanzak (dpo.casting@gmail.com) no later than the first week of August. Include your name, age, contact information and a brief description of product or service.

Shark Tank has a history of being friendly to young entrepreneurs, with no better example that last season’s investment in M3 Girl Designs (Snap Caps) by Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner.

Best of luck to all the entrepreneurs (young and old) that participate in Shark Tank season 4 casting.


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  1. Paula Savarese on

    What SUCKS is when they tell you THREE times that you’re going to be on and then cut you !!

  2. YOUNG?!?!?!? How about equal rights for the “older” – lol – like everyone else – I have great idea!

  3. Hi GNancee,

    With casting still in motion I’m sure the show isn’t ruling anyone out due to age — young or old. The point of the update is simply to encourage younger viewers to apply as well. Best of luck to you!


  4. I have to agree with GNancee, I almost *choked* when I saw the Tweets and headlines announcing that Shark Tank was looking for “young” entrepreneurs! But when I read further, and saw your response Andrew, I felt better.


    My business partner and I auditioned in LA and had a great time! Honestly I was sort of heart-broken when I learned they had started filming season four, but we’re STILL keeping our fingers crossed and remaining hopeful.

    You never know, right??

  5. Right, Tarah. Take heart, as the total number of applicants for Season 4 is expected to be over 20,000. Roughly 90 businesses will make it to air. My hope is that for everyone that applies, whether or not you hear back from the show that the experience ultimately is helpful for you and your business.

    And, there’s certainly always next year once filming wraps up, which is expected to be in September.

    Best of luck to all of you!


  6. Interesting that the lower limit for the desired age group is 11 – what about elementary school kids with a good idea, will they be given less consideration due to their youth? The undiluted enthusiasm of even younger than middle schooler kids would be good to see.

  7. Hi Andrew, my family loves Shark Tank. As my daughter had sent in her audition at the end of June to your casting director, she has asked me on several occasions if you notify the kids either way or is there simply a date that she would have heard- a deadline of sorts? She’s had so much press recently, but doesn’t comment on anything relates to your show. Not sure what to tell her. Thanks and best of luck with the next season.

  8. Hi Billy, my guess it that it has a lot more to do with the high pressure of facing the Sharks than with underestimating the creative prowess of elementary age children. There is something that would right with the world seeing a young kid taking Kevin O’Leary to task on valuation. 🙂


  9. Hi Laura, I’m not privy to the casting process other than being told if it’s complete or not. Unfortunately the show in almost all cases doesn’t reach out to those that don’t make the cut. You may want to reach out again to your producer or the casting director in mid-September and ask again. Wishing you the best of luck! — Andrew

  10. Keep in mind everyone that this is a television show above all else. Reality or not, it’s about the ratings! Young people with fantastic ideas are likely to draw in more viewers. Although, older people with a certain amount of drama to their background also brings in good ratings too. My guess is that Shark Tank will find a decent balance, while still being fair to the applicants. Like he said, 90 businesses out of 20,000 is hard to whittle down without cutting out some really good ones in the process!

  11. As a 19 year old I often admire others my age who show mature and business ready minds. This post makes me thoughtful. I read how Robert Kiyosaki when he was very young showed such spirit, seeing an opportunity to make money with comic books or magazines that had damaged covers discarded from his employer’s shop. He made money lending those magazines, employing his sister to mind the grounds when his friends came for a while to read. Makes you think how many opportunities there are, just under your nose.
    I’m not going to enter because I don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit, but I wish those who do enter the best of luck.

    (hey WEE-N-SEE, hello from Hawaii, too– Big Island)

  12. 90 out of 20,000 that’s wild to think about. In the Chicago auditions they told me my invention was unique, interesting!! They liked it and asked to keep it! Sadly I haven’t heard from anyone yet but I’m still waiting for that phone to ring!! This week I was able to seal a deal with the biggest gardening chain in MN!! I’m so excited about that. Many more will follow now that they have the Rot-Not!!
    If Shark Tank doesn’t call I will be looking for the next casting next yr!! Even though I’m ready for Oleary to try and make me cry this year!!

  13. Hey mr Andrew I posted around the 12th or so regarding my email sent on the 1st of August to the abc link of sharktankcasting@yahoo.com n was curious was that a bad medium for me to send my idea as for I am a teen inventor n I have created an accessory for smart phones am apple products that are for accesoeizing the power cable and hubs as for it’s a brand new market and a frontier that no one has ventured I have photos of my accessory’s and concept drawings of others if you would like to see them I am curious of you opinion thank you , signed jack McGunn a young enthusiast

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