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Casting Update: Shark Tank Casting for Season 4 Is Complete


According to Shark Tank’s casting coordinator, Shark Tank casting for the upcoming fourth season of the show is complete. Thank you to the many thousands of you who applied. Many of you posted comments on InTheSharkTank and tweeted to us, and it’s always exciting to be rooting for you all. Around 30,000 people applied to appear and only 80-90 pitches will make it onto the show, so if you weren’t picked this time around, consider applying for Season 5.

The way I look at it is that if your business wasn’t selected, that gives you nearly a year to grow your business, improve your pitch, and potentially ask for a larger investment from the Sharks if you have the sales or assets to back it up.

The next time you’re applying via e-mail or standing in front of a producer at an open call, be sure you’ve read some of our Shark Tank casting tips on valuation, lessons from the show and how to pitch in under a minute.

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As always, best of luck, and never give up on your dreams!


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Andrew, a Chicago-based web professional and entrepreneur, has owned and operated InTheSharkTank since 2011. Some of his favorite past Shark Tank business pitches include UniKey, Lollacup, Daisy Cakes, and Pork Barrel BBQ. When he's not busy running the website or live-tweeting, Andrew actively pursues disappointment by following the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls. Google+


  1. WOW.

    Way to ruin my long holiday weekend, Andrew.

    I’m kidding. (Not really.)

    Can’t say I’m not totally disappointed, my business partner and I tried out in LA and have been keeping our hopes alive since May.

    Oh well, I’m sure they found some amazing entrepreneurs and I can’t wait to see who makes it on the show. I hope some of our new friends we met during the casting made it so we can cheer them on!

    Go Shark Tank – Happy Season 4!!

  2. Tarah, sorry for the bad news right before the long weekend. Keep up the good work, though, and here’s hoping we see you on the show soon


  3. Thanks for the update. Season 5 Here I come! Looking forward to Watching Season 4 Wooo woo! Thank you so much for your hard work in keeping your page updated! Love it.

  4. I’ll be there to try out ! Got to be filmed one on one, and got a background check to fill out…
    Andrew, thank you for putting it the way you did – having another year to grow your business- that’s a terrific way to look at it, and it doesn’t make me feel as sad. Happy Aloha Friday:)

  5. Ok, Thanks for the update. I got as far as being asked to send a casting video. Guess I don’t feel too bad now that I know how much competition I had. I feel pretty good about getting to the 3rd phase – most don’t get passed the email pitch. They did say they really like my product. Of course I’ll pitch MaryAnna’s Tea again next season!

  6. Hey there Andrew!

    I live tweeted you a few weeks ago, i “pitched” an idea to you, and you said it may be a good idea…

    i said that i would love to see an overview type stat about the sharks. Displaying which shark has helped the most entrepreneurs, who has made the most money with their new partners (the entrepreneurs), ect…

    I think this would give a better idea of which shark may be better to grow businesses. And also, i KNOW this will spark a… healthier competition between sharks, and a shot for even more bragging rights.

    Any chance we will see that this season?

  7. Thanks for the update!

    Although I am disappointed that I didn’t make it after the hard work I put in for the video submission, I am optimistic about being chosen for the show in the future. I feel validated that I was picked out of all those email submissions.

    If anyone over in the Shark Tank would like one of my composers to compose a song to their poem, please let them know we’re still cool! HA HA!

    Check out http://www.MakeYourPoemASong.com and give some feedback! Tell Robert H. I will write a song from one of his poems for free if he is interested. He and I share similar outlooks on life from what I can gather.

    I will not give up!

    David Hawkins
    SongMaker, LLC

  8. I am very disappointed, I can’t even lie. When I auditioned in Orlando
    the female I pitched to told me how tired she was, I was still trying to stay optimistic even tho she didn’t seem the least interested in what I had to say. How ever I am genuinely happy for those who were picked, I don’t think I will try out again it’s to much stress wondering what they are looking for

  9. Certainly interpersonal skills are going to be an overwhelmingly important factor in this competition. In fact I think they will be more important than the quality of the pitches themselves.

  10. I absolutely love the fact that people who were not chosen for the show continue with the same passion and determination they began their business with. Keep the coal in the engine and the train will run forever.

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