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My Shark Tank Audition Experience – Atlanta Casting Call


You could very easily pick out the serious entrepreneurs from the rest and I can’t tell you how many people came without applications. Bring your application folks! One lady in line showed her true entrepreneurial spirit and brought dozens of extra copies only to walk up and down the line selling them for $5 each…she must have made a few hundred bucks. I’d also say half came without with folding chairs so I shared mine with both the guy in front of me and the guy behind me as we shivered away throughout the morning. There were attorney’s walking the lines pitching their businesses for securing patents and there was even a lady who came to showcase her energy product. She also claimed to be a psychic and said that she had a strong psychic sense I had made it…something I’m sure she said to every 5th person in line she came across. At the minimum, it was nice of her to give hope to many! With all of the conversations with those around us, the wait certainly did not seem as long as it was.

Fortunately, anyone who was among the first 200 in line did not have to brave any rain but it started to rain in the early afternoon and many who came after I did brave some elements. I believe by 1:00 pm, all 500 wristbands were passed out with certainly at least 450 being distributed during the 11:00 am distribution time. I was right around the 180-mark.

Once in the FOX Theatre, there was still more time to wait as a ST casting representative got up on stage to explain the process and answer any questions people had in a very uplifting and positive way. They eventually called groups up by number to stand in line at the back of the room to go into a small room where 6 casting agents await and you randomly get herded to go into their respective mini-lines to stand close and give them your pitch. The entire process was all very organized and the process was well communicated. It was nice to see (but not hear) other pitches as you eagerly awaited your turn.

I figured I waited a total of about 9 hours before I got a chance to make that 1 minute pitch and field a few post-pitch questions. After that point, it’s out of your hands and in the fate of the casting agent you were assigned.

While it was very clear that no one would hear, potentially for weeks if they made it to the next round of the casting process (one of many), I can’t help but think that everyone who left felt they did what they needed to do to leave it all out there. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play.

– Anonymous

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  1. It was an AWESOME experience! I got there at 3am and i ended up getting number 61 #early bird. The casting directors were good i am so glad i was prepared for her questions. I did my part I had the opportunity. Now i wait
    guess i will watch more episodes to prepare just in case.

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