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Shark Tank Kicks Off Season 5 Audition in Atlanta on Sunday


atlanta_sharktank_foxtheaterI’m a little jealous of the casting team responsible for Shark Tank, because in less than 24 hours they will have seen at least 500 applicants at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta (view full schedule of open casting calls), all vying for a chance to get funding for their businesses from the Sharks. At the same time, I can’t imagine what a tough job it must be to listen to 500 or more pitches in a single day.

Good thing I’m just writing this blog.

If you’re standing or sitting in line at a Shark Tank audition right now, let me be at least the 9th person to wish you good luck! You’re probably trying to conserve your cell phone battery, so this post is going to be short and sweet. There are a few things about the Spring/Summer 2013 auditions that are different than years past. Most importantly, there is a new system in place to reward those who show up early.

Numbered Wristbands for First 500 Audition Applicants

In past years I’ve encouraged entrepreneurs to arrive extra early to the auditions but if you’re planning to attend a casting call this month or next, the only guarantee that you will be allowed to audition is to be among the first 500 applicants in line. You’ll be given a numbered wristband, which is your golden ticket.

Once those wristbands are gone (they’ll be handed out at a certain time, not when you line up), I’m not sure what the likelihood is that you’ll be able to audition. It might be zero chance, or the casting team may leave it as a possibility. Talk to others in line and ask a casting representative if they know. I’m eager to figure this out, too, so if you get the lowdown please add a comment to this entry or tweet to @SharkTankABC.

Audition Advice for Entrepreneurs – How to Get On Shark Tank

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog you know that InTheSharkTank has a wealth of information on this topic, but below I’ve listed a few especially relevant links.

shark_tank_audition_roomWhen you stand in front of the casting person for Shark Tank, you’ve got 30 seconds to impress. Be clear, be concise, be entertaining, and be yourself! Think about the qualities that the Sharks are looking for in entrepreneurs and businesses that they invest in. Realize that the person you’re in front of may hear hundreds of pitches, so make yours memorable and entertaining. Even though you won’t be in front of the Sharks at your audition, it may help to envision yourself pitching to Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Barbara, and Robert. That’s up to you.

How to Pitch Your Business In Under a Minute
14 Lessons About Raising Money from Shark Tank

And a little encouragement to chat up your fellow entrepreneurs:

Shark Tank-preneurs Are a Different Breed Than the Average Business Owner

Do your best and if it’s meant to be for Season 5, you’ll hear back from the casting team/producers. There is a lot to the casting process that happens behind the scenes over the next several months.

And yes, it’s now the 10th time you’ve heard it, but best of luck to you!

According to a friend of InTheSharkTank, as of a few hours ago there wasn’t a line outside of the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, the site of tomorrow’s open casting call. That’s going to change very soon.


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  1. No comments yet about experiences??? I’m eager to hear about the two castings that have taken place…. Hey Andrew, with the show receiving such high ratings now, any idea on how many episodes season 5 will consist of? The more shows, the more businesses right?

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