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Shark Tank Q&A: Stella Valle Sisters on Landing Their Shark



The 4th season of Shark Tank ended last Friday with an entertaining pitch from two sisters and former West Point cadets, Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung. Their pitch and subsequent deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban was seen by nearly 7 million people in the U.S. Recently the founders of stella valle stopped by InTheSharkTank and discussed their appearance on the show.

Preparing stella valle to Enter the Shark Tank

Question: Paige and Ashley, you began your presentation to the Sharks valuing your company at $600K and seemed well prepared for your appearance. What were you thinking when the double doors to the tank opened?

Answer: We were of course a little nervous, but were confident that we were well prepared to face the Sharks. We know our business in and out, have business degrees and have presented for Generals in the Army before so not much could catch us off guard. Once they told us our pitch was great the nerves subsided a little and we were able to clearly answer the questions they threw our way.

Q: Were there any Shark(s) that you were specifically hoping to make a deal with, and if so, why?

We really wanted to get any Shark to invest, but had a few that we were targeting. We didn’t know if Lori or Barbara was going to be on the panel that day. We found out the morning of our pitch that Lori would be there and were very excited to present stella valle to her. We had a good feeling she would connect with us, our story, and love our jewelry line. We’ve always respected Mark’s business sense and knowledge so we could have only dreamed he would also invest. We thought Mark would be a long shot considering we were in the fashion industry and he had more of an interest in technology and sports. And without a doubt we wanted Daymond to invest given his expertise and background in fashion and branding. We are developing a brand with stella valle and knew Daymond could be a great partner.

Q: After leaving the Army, you mentioned both having a desire to go into business. What did you do to make this happen? (I know later in the segment you mentioned both having business degrees)

We are so fortunate to have gone to West Point and both received top educations in business with engineering minors. With this leadership training and education we always knew we would be businesswomen. Right after the military, Ashley was hired as a Strategy and Operations Consultant for a top Consulting Firm and Paige became a Sales Engineer for a top Telecommunications Company. We used the skills we learned at West Point and in the Army coupled with our business experience to start a company in the industry we have always been extremely passionate about- fashion. Working our day jobs, we would come home late and start up on stella valle every night and weekend. After 2 years of this Paige decided it was time to move on to stella valle full time.

The Inspiration for stella valle

stella1Q: At that point did you already have the inspiration for your brand, or if not, when and how did that come about? Describe the inspiration for stella valle.

We both always loved fashion growing up. Paige wanted to open her own boutique from the time she was a little girl. When Paige’s military career was cut short due to a bad injury she looked to Ashley who had just finished her military obligation for advice. She asked Ashley how she could break into the competitive fashion industry with a very unconventional background. Ashley told Paige, “lets start our own company in hopes to inspire others with our story of pursuing our dreams despite our path to get there.”

stella valle was inspired by and designed for strong, creative women, who chart their own path, lead their own lives, and create their own history. The brand encourages women to express themselves by reflecting who they are and what they want from life. stella valle stands for seizing opportunities, taking risks, setting the bar high, persisting through obstacles and striving for excellence.

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