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Follow Up Q&A with Nate from Mission Belt


How can fans of Shark Tank show their support for Mission Belt?

The thing about Mission Belt is that we make the best belt on the whole planet. Everytime someone buys one we use some of the money to help out. When it comes time to buy a belt, buy one from us. It’s the best belt you can get. Our mission statement is just kind of icing on the cake.

Do you have any new belt models or sizes coming down the pike?

We have some new stuff that’s coming out that will be ready for Christmas, new stuff coming in the Spring. Right now we have 30 unique products, and most of them will fit up a 56-inch waist. We make them for kids, men, women and children. There’s nobody in the world that’s too good for a Mission Belt.

Out of your 30 products, do you have a favorite? Is it the “old stand-by?” or something new?

Then one I wear everyday is called the Battleship, it’s a grey on grey belt, 35 millimeter buckle. It’s a classic and I wear it practically every day. Except when I’m wearing a suit and then I wear one called the Vader. Daymond wears the Black Magic, that’s his daily belt.

What’s next for Mission Belt, in your mind?

Mission Belt right now is accepting applications every single day from retailers that want to get set up carrying our products. We’re selling. It’s amazing. We have a waiting list of companies that want to carry our product. It’s really amazing. We have some big retailers who’ve approached us and we just signed a big licensing deal today — I can’t share it quite yet but some incredible things coming up. It’s all Daymond, too. The stuff he’s figured out for us is amazing.

What advice might you give to entrepreneurs that are looking to audition for the next season of Shark Tank?

Get a product that you think people will buy, and sell it. That what talks at the end of the day. I don’t care about how much money you can tie up or invest in things, unless you can trade it for money it’s a hobby, not a business. You’ve got to figure out how you can show it by doing that. When I went on the show, I had some sales. You need to be able to actually show what you can do with it. You’ve got to.

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