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Pitches from Season 5 Premiere – Postcard App & Sweet Ballz


Note: We are live posting (NO SPOILERS) as tonight’s premiere episode airs (ET/CT)

We at InTheSharkTank couldn’t be more excited about tonight’s Season 5 premiere of our favorite show. If you’re looking for a little information on the businesses pitched, see below:

Postcard on the Run – Photo to Postcard App

postcard_on_the_run_sharktankThe first pitch of the new season is an app…go figure. The concept of this app, pitched by Josh Brooks, is to send a postcard from anywhere in the world via your phone. With 500,000 app downloads, Josh is hoping that a $6M valuation of his business doesn’t throw the Sharks off. He also has a few tricks up his sleeve, including a famous name that may turn the tide in his favor.

Postcard on the Run website
Postcard on the Run on Twitter

Update: Wicked Good Cupcakes from Season 4 – Deal with Kevin O’Leary

Gotta recognize that great New England accent from the mother & daughter team at Wicked Good Cupcakes! Despite Kevin’s Shark-like offer, they’ve found a ton of early success working with Mr. Wonderful.

Two Friends Pitch Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles to the Sharks


Lynnae and Aly from Firecrest, Washington pitch their home-grown pickle company that is in need an investment in order to improve their business. They’ve sold 36,000 jars of pickles in the last year. Early into the pitch, the Sharks seem impressed by their distribution and potential for big box retailer partnerships. Barbara is also impressed by their first-year sales.

Good luck, pickle girls!

RoloDoc by Two Brothers and Doctors from Tucson, AZ

Another technology business enters the tank, with an upbeat pitch from Dr. Amini and Dr. Amini. However, when the Sharks start grilling the business model for RoloDoc, the phrase “social media” is being overused. The Amini’s are having a difficult time explaining their business and Lori Greiner is asking some very difficult questions. Will the guys stumble or recover?

Sweet Ballz Makes Cake Balls, But Did They Get a Shark?


James McDonald and Cole Egger from Dallas are the last entrepreneurs into the tank tonight, and he’s asking for $250,00 in exchange for 10% of their cake ball business. The Sharks are digging the product (especially Mark Cuban) but their numbers are what have the Sharks biting. The guys also have relevant experience, but is that experience going to help their chances at getting a deal?

So far several offers are in the mix…

Sweet Ballz website
Sweet Ballz on Twitter

Stay tuned for more updates…


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