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Shark Tank Season 5 Preview


shark-tankAfter four seasons, hundreds of pitches, and millions of dollars made from deals in the tank, the Sharks are back and ready for Season 5. If Season 4 was any indication, fans have a lot to look forward to, including larger-than-life deals, exceptional business opportunities, and, of course, a few Shark fights along the way. In The Shark Tank was lucky enough to venture out to LA this week to meet with the Sharks. While on set, we learned that they’re changing things up this season… in more ways than one. So what differences can fans expect to see this season, as compared to seasons past?

For starters, Barbara Corcoran says that they’re mixing up the chairs, which has led to a different dynamic among the Sharks. Mr. Wonderful fans, fear not, because as the self-appointed narrator/pot-stirrer of the panel, Kevin O’Leary will keep his prized center chair.

According to Lori Grenier, the different dynamic on the show has a lot to do with the increased caliber of entrepreneurs appearing in the tank. It was a sentiment echoed by all of the Sharks; that they are consistently impressed with the level of entrepreneurs that enter the tank. After four seasons, entrepreneurs are better prepared, and are learning what it takes to strike a deal in the tank.

As Robert Herjavec explained, “I think that people are starting to realize that this is a real show. It’s not just for entertainment. We have some really strong entrepreneurs and businesses this season.” Among those, viewers can expect to see more children, teenage, and college entrepreneurs, including an entire episode dedicated to the budding tycoons. Apart from the quality of entrepreneurs, Lori also tells us that this season is filled with more surprises, higher stakes, and fights you wouldn’t expect (though she wasn’t naming names).

Speaking of surprises… fans of Shark Tank are finally going to see something they’ve been asking about for two full seasons: Lori and Barbara in the Shark Tank together. As Shark Tank’s leading ladies (and only female Sharks), naturally, the two have been compared and contrasted since Lori first appeared as a guest Shark during season three. And now, at long last, Lori and Barbara will be appearing together in the Tank during Season 5. While both women were tight-lipped about what viewers can expect to see, Barbara hints that there may not be as many cat-fights as fans think. Perhaps doing some wishful thinking, Mr. Wonderful quipped, “all they need is a mud pit.”

Whether fans are interested in education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, or all three, based on what we heard from the mouths of the deal-hungry Sharks themselves, it sounds like Shark Tank Season 5 is going to be the show’s best season yet.


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